About us

The music industry has changed vastly in the last 30 years and with shows like the voice and Xfactor controlling what we hear on the airwaves and TV and the saturation of home produced music it has become increasing difficult to break through.  Hoot London is founded by mature musicians and will work with just a handful of up and coming artists in 2017 as an end-to-end management service, providing original songs and taking the right voice to market with video and a social media campaign.  We’re specifically not looking for singer songwriters or original bands but exceptional voices that can turn one of our original songs into a potential hit.  Obviously we cant guarantee fame fortune or a fast track to the charts.

  • We always provide the songs – This is our model and in a way sets us apart from other labels
  • We don’t pay advances – but we will fund recording sessions for the right voice or band
  • We won’t ask for any payment – ever!
  • We will get your voice on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the major digital distribution networks